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Save Max Celebrated its 12th Anniversary and Annual Awards Night with scintillating success

Save Max Real Estate Inc. held its 12th Annual Awards Ceremony on May 19, 2022 to appreciate all their agents, employees and franchise partners for their performance and service for the year 2021.Coming out after 2 tough years of a pandemic- hit market, Save Max came out as a winner in terms of growth, expansion and all-round success including great community partnerships.

The Gala evening was well attended by dignitaries and community partners coming together. Save Max was honoured to welcome Deputy Chief of Peel Police Mark Dapat, Mr. Sandeep Goel CEO of ICICI Bank Canada, Mr Nabeel Khan RM and Ms. Stella Partipilo Regional VP from RBC and Nanda Law Group. Other key  leaders welcomed were MP Prabhmeet Sarkaria, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and  Mayor of Brampton Patrick Brown. Hon. Mayor Patrick Brown felicitated Save Max and Mr. Raman Dua on not only the business success and corporate achievements but also on the forefront of building strong community partnerships. Hon NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and his team were also present applauding the achievements of Save Max and its work in the community. He stressed on the importance of community in leadership.

The much-awaited celebrations for top brokers and Save Max Franchise Teams were lauded on their performance for 2021. The Legend Award for $75M was presented to top brokers of record Ashish Parikh, Abhishek Grover and Dhawal Patel. The Kohinoor Award for $100M was awarded to top brokers of record Lashika Katyal (New Developments) and Ashish Parikh.

Save Max Franchise Teams based on strength were awarded to Save Max Supreme and Save Max Signature Teams and based on Volume to Save Max Supreme and Save Max Success Teams. Other awards were given to top-performing brokers across the company and to employees of the year.

Founder and CEO, Mr. Raman Dua’s daughter Shreya reflected on his journey and the story of Same Max from the beginnings in a basement home in Brampton, Canada to where it has reached today. Shreya Dua did a wonderful surprise unveiling of the cover of Mr. Raman Dua’s book about his life and story. His daughter called on stage his entire family and spoke about growing up in Brampton. She said, “We never imagined growing up where we would be today and it is all due to the hard work my parents put in day after day and their determination which led to their success. It is so wonderful to see where we are today. My dad has helped countless people reach success along with him and he always says that “that is what makes the success even sweeter.”

Mr. Dua was emotional as he saw his family gathered around him and said that all his achievements were due to the fact of the love and blessings received from his parents and family.

The highlight of the lighter moments in the evening was the fashion show for all attendees. The dancers.  the violinist and dhol group added to the long-awaited glitz and glamour in the wonderfully orchestrated celebration. CEO Raman Dua expressed his gratitude to all the attendees and congratulated his team and the agents who did exceedingly well even in the year of a severe pandemic. He was humbled to see such a huge gathering and mentioned that Save Max Team will keep on working tirelessly to provide the best real estate services to all clients. He applauded his team and employees for putting together this tasteful elegant evening and looks forward to celebrating many such successes in the future.

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