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Alec Baldwin dons Donald Trump costume as he sits on a pot

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin brought back his famous Donald Trump impersonation, an act that became a comic routine for the American actor on SNL during Trump’s presidency.

In his latest Instagram post, the actor dons a snappy white shirt, red tie and navy blue slacks – and pops a squat on the toilet, reports

With his boomer boxers around his ankles, he pouts as he looks out a nearby window, his orange-blond hair slicked back in a familiar fashion.

The next picture has a stylist spraying hair product onto a strand of his fiery locks that he holds up dramatically, his puckered lips still protruding from his clean-shaven face.

Hold up a second… Alec Baldwin’s hair isn’t orange-blond – it’s usually much more silvery in nature. And what happened to his grey beard?

As per, the third and fourth pictures reveal the true nature of the actor’s post.

In the former, Baldwin gets almost uncomfortably close to the camera, shows his hands and opens his mouth in a disgusted, squinty yet still puckered-lipped smirk.

And in the latter, he appears on the cover of Kurt Andersen’s book ‘You Can’t Spell America Without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year As President Donald J. Trump (a So-Called Parody),’ which Baldwin co-wrote with the satirical author.

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