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Bonnie Crombie statement in advance of Ontario Liberals’ Election Days this weekend

With local votes coming up this Saturday and Sunday, Bonnie Crombie, candidate for Ontario Liberal Party Leader, released the following statement:

“This week, I’ve blitzed across the province working hard to earn Liberals’ votes, with dozens of events in Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Hamilton, Kitchener,
Toronto, Mississauga and places in between.

I’m pushing hard to the finish line because in-person voting begins this
weekend. I believe this weekend will be the start of Liberals coming together, rebuilding together and winning together in 2026!

This vote is critical. Ontario cannot afford another four years of Doug
Ford’s inside deals and misplaced priorities.

But this vision becomes a reality only if Liberals vote!

Our healthcare and education systems are in crisis. Our doctors, nurses,
PSWs and educators are struggling. Our environment is being sold off to friends of the Premier. And the cost of housing, groceries and heating keeps going up.

Doug Ford and his Conservatives do not have an ounce of leadership to
tackle the big problems at Queen’s Park. We need positive, progressive, pragmatic Liberal leadership in Ontario.

That’s why I’m running to deliver that strong, experienced leadership.
And I commit to building the best team so we can rebuild our rural, Northern and Francophone riding associations so we have a team to steer our province in a better direction.

We’ve been blessed to have five strong candidates contributing inspiring
ideas and building strong teams to connect with Liberals in every corner of this province. All campaigns should be proud of their efforts; we’ve shared policies and debated each other, always listening and learning from local Liberals.

I respectfully believe I stand apart as a candidate. I am ready to win,
and ready to govern. I’ve shown I bring a spark back to our party, traveling across the province to meet packed crowds and raise the grassroots money we need to make our Liberal team competitive again.

I deeply believe in fiscal responsibility and social progress; to me,
you cannot have one without the other. I am not afraid to make tough decisions or to take strong action. But I also believe leaders collaborate to build consensus and get to the best solutions.

That’s my vision and leadership style.

To Ontario Liberals: I hope I have earned your vote, and I humbly ask for your support this weekend.”

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