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William Osler Health System’s (Osler) Doctors Making a Difference campaign featuring Osler doctors who are going beyond to improve our community’s health.

Doctors making a difference: Dr. Tajinder Kaura

From the moment he completed his first rotation in an Emergency Department, Dr. Tajinder (Taj)
Kaura knew that working in emergency medicine was his calling. Fast forward 10 years, and the
young emergency physician is proud to be leading the exceptional health care team that staffs
Osler’s Urgent Care Centre (UCC) at Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness.
“I love the fast pace, the energy of the team, and the privilege of taking care of people of all ages
when they need us most,” said the UCC Site Chief and father of two small children. “Just being able
to give back to the community by being there every day to help people when they’re at their most
vulnerable means so much.”
Dr. Kaura is one of several emergency physicians, nurses and other staff who make Osler’s UCC
run like a well-oiled machine. Located at Peel Memorial, the UCC provides care for those
experiencing illnesses or injuries that aren’t an emergency, but just can’t wait, such as sprains,
broken bones, cuts, asthma attacks, infections or earaches.
“It became very clear during the pandemic what an important resource the UCC is for our
community, and this was one of the driving forces behind moving our services to 24/7,” said Dr.
Kaura. “We’re a one-stop shop that provides timely access to urgently needed care, including
onsite laboratory services and diagnostic services such as x-rays and CT scans.”
Virgil, a local resident, is elated with the UCC’s expanded hours, as it meant he was able to get his
son, David, the immediate care he needed at a time when their family doctor’s office and walk-in
clinics were closed.
“When our five-year-old woke up early one morning crying and complaining of abdominal pain, we
immediately took him to the UCC,” said Virgil. “Within half an hour, David was seen by a nurse and
a doctor, and during our time in the UCC he had bloodwork, x-rays, an ECG and a test for
respiratory viruses.”
Virgil was impressed that all the diagnostic tests could be performed onsite, which meant that they
had test results, a diagnosis, follow-up instructions for home care, and a referral to Osler’s
Paediatric Clinic at Brampton Civic Hospital, all before leaving the UCC.
“The staff in the UCC were incredibly attentive to our son,” added Virgil. “They gently explained to
David exactly what to expect with each test and used various diversion techniques to help his
nerves. The whole experience immediately put us at ease at a time when we were concerned about
our son’s health. We are sincerely grateful to Dr. Bajwa, nurse Mandeep, and the entire team who
played a part in caring for our son.”

Dr. Kaura notes that the talented team of emergency-trained physicians and nurses he works
alongside every day are truly committed to making a difference. “We always strive to put the
patient first, and to approach patients with kindness and respect.”
Dr. Kaura does exactly that every day as he steps into the UCC or Brampton Civic Hospital’s
emergency department, where he also completes shifts. He believes that kindness is an important
first step in making a connection with the patients he’s treating.
“As an emergency physician, there is always a patient who is sicker than the patient you are with,
but I give each patient my full attention during the time I am with them, to let them know that I see
them and that their care is important to me.”
Dr. Kaura is particularly touched when he sees children accompanying their grandparents into the
UCC or Emergency Department to translate for them. “This touches my heart because that’s
exactly what I did for my grandparents growing up in Montreal. It’s also one of the many reasons I
fell in love with this community when I came here 10 years ago.”
Dr. Kaura and his physician colleagues treat between 240-270 patients/day on average. Their goal is
to ensure each patient receives the tests they need and has a follow-up plan for care.
“The UCC fills an essential need in our community for timely access to quality, compassionate care,
made possible thanks to a strong, passionate and person-centred team.”
Thanks to Dr. Kaura’s strong leadership and unwavering commitment to values-based care, he and
his team are making a difference in the lives of patients.
Virgil couldn’t agree more.
“We are so fortunate to have a service staffed by emergency-trained physicians and nurses, and
24/7 access to wonderful, dedicated and compassionate professionals.”

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