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City of Burlington’s Orchard Community Hub awarded for Park or Facility Design

The City of Burlington’s Orchard Community Hub has been awarded for Best Park or Facility Design by Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO).

This award is presented for completed projects that demonstrate excellence in design of recreation and/or park facilities intended for public use. The park or facility must showcase uniqueness, innovation, and creativity for recreation use. Award applicants must demonstrate that they engaged in public consultation to determine the scope of the project and how the project was able to meet their community’s needs. Eligible projects include new builds and retrofits.

About the Orchard Community Hub

The Orchard Community Hub, located at 2400 Sutton Dr., in St Christopher’s Catholic Elementary School is a collaboration between the City of Burlington and the Orchard community in Burlington. It is a space for community groups to provide free activities, programs or events to Burlington residents. The activities or events can be on-going or a one-time opportunity that build community connections. To qualify for free use, programs and activities must be at no cost to participants. This could include training, community meetings, support groups, clubs, gatherings, cultural activities or other neighbourhood programs.

The Orchard Community Hub was officially opened in February 2023 and has held a winter holiday community gathering, a book share program, youth movie nights, crafting groups, fundraisers, line dancing and more.

About Community Hubs

There are two community hubs available.

Haber Community Hub

3040 Tim Dobbie Dr., in the Haber Community Centre

Capacity 15-20 people
280 square feet
Two sinks and large amount of cabinet space
Tables and chairs
Orchard Community Hub

2400 Sutton Dr., Burlington in St Christopher’s Catholic Elementary School

Capacity: 40 people
Casual seating, kitchenette, fridge, microwave, washroom with adult change table, projector and screen
There will be no staff on site, and renters are required to set up and clean up the room
During school hours, parking is south side of building adjacent to park.
Interested residents are encouraged to submit their request through the application form with a short summary of the details for intended use. Groups looking to learn more about the space can arrange a tour and chat about ideas for the space should email

Burlington is a city where people, nature and businesses thrive. Sign up to learn more about Burlington at and follow @CityBurlington on social media.


Emilie Cote, Director of Recreation, Community and Culture

“We’re very proud and thankful for this recognition. A lot of work and collaboration with Orchard residents went into this community hub. Area residents continue to engage their neighbours to promote the use of this space and have truly created a safe space for neighbours to meet and network. It is a place where Orchard community members can build community and connections.”

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