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Common Sense Conservatives Are Fighting For Canadians

After eight years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are
struggling. This year, more Canadians visited food banks than ever
before. Life costs more and work doesn’t pay. Housing costs have
doubled. Crime and chaos, drugs and disorder, are now common on
our streets. Life wasn’t like this before Justin Trudeau, and it won’t be
like this after he’s gone. This fall, Conservatives fought hard to turn
the hurt Trudeau caused into the hope that Canadians desperately
Since September, common sense Conservatives have been working
nonstop to force the Liberals to axe the tax and stop putting more fuel
on the inflationary fire with their reckless spending and deficits. We

  • Forced the Liberals into panic mode over their punishing carbon
    tax, which led to Trudeau announcing a temporary pause on the
    tax on home heating oil until after the election.
  • Held the Trudeau Government to account for their intimidation
    campaign on the Senate where they’re trying to delay the
    passing of Bill C-234, which will make food cheaper for
    Canadians by axing the tax off farmers.
  • Defended working Canadians against the Liberals’ Fall
    Economic Statement, which is pouring gasoline on the
    inflationary fire and keeping interest rates higher for longer.
  • Given Trudeau a taste of the misery he is causing Canadians,
    placing thousands of amendments at committee and in the
    House of Commons and forcing all-night around-the-clock voting
    to block the Liberals’ $20 billion of inflationary spending until
    they agree to axe the tax for farmers, First Nations and families.
  • Provided Canadians with the transparency they deserve over
    the $54 million ArriveScam app, which is now being investigated
    by the RCMP.
  • Held the Liberals to account over their quarter-billion dollar
    payment to a Beijing-controlled bank, demanding to know when
    Canadians will get the money back.
  • Launched the Building Homes, Not Bureaucracy Act, to increase
    incentives to municipalities that built homes while punishing
    municipalities that continue to stand in the way of development
    with NIMBY policies.
  • Called on the Prime Minister to come clean and release the
    multi-billion dollar contracts he signed with Stellantis,
    Volkswagen, and Northvolt so that taxpayers know how much
    their on the hook for, and how many foreign replacement
    workers were hired instead of Canadians.
  • Introduced a Bill to amend the criminal code that will protect
    rural Canadians and farm families from crime.
  • Forced the Liberals to include open banking in their Fall
    Economic Statement, so Canadians have more choice over their
    banking, bringing more competition and lowering prices for
  • Exposed massive corruption and a government cover-up at
    Trudeau’s $1 billion green slush fund. We’ve now forced two
    ethics investigations into the former Chair and a Director, and
    forced the Auditor General to investigate the fund.
  • Passed a motion that will work to include people with disabilities
    in education both internationally and domestically.
    The work is just getting started but it’s now clear to Canadians that
    Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost. Only Pierre Poilievre and the
    common sense Conservatives will axe the tax, end inflationary
    deficits, build more homes, and bring home lower prices for all

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