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Israel issues advisory for citizens in India after suspected blast near embassy in New Delhi

Israeli’s National Security Council has issued an advisory for Israeli citizens staying in India, asking them to avoid crowded places following a reported bomb explosion near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi on Tuesday. Notably, Delhi Police received a call about a suspected blast near the embassy but found nothing as such there.

However, the police said that two suspects have been seen in the CCTV footage after the blast and investigations are underway to locate the duo. Furthermore, a letter addressed to the Israeli ambassador was also found near the Israeli Embassy in the national capital. The Delhi Police have sent relevant evidence for forensic evidence.

Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to India, Ohad Nakash Kaynar, said on Tuesday that the workers and the diplomats at the Israel embassy are safe and their security teams are investigating the matter further. “On December 26, a bomb exploded near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. It is possible that this is an attack,” the Israel National Security Council.

As a result of possible panic following the blast, the council advised Israelis to try to avoid going to crowded places such as malls and markets as well as places identified as being used by Western/Jewish and Israeli elements. It also called for maintaining more public places, including restaurants, hotels and bars, to avoid externalising Israeli symbols.

The recommendations also suggest avoiding openly displaying Israeli symbols, refraining from attending unsecured large-scale events, and avoiding publicising itineraries on social media as well as photographs and details of visits in real-time. Moreover, it also asked people to avoid posting trip details on social media networks and posting photos and visit details before the trip and in real-time.

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