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PM Modi speaks to Ukraine’s Zelenskyy, discusses G20 issues, offers support for peace efforts

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday had a telephone conversation with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy regarding India’s G20 presidency.

Modi also conveyed to Ukraine India’s support for any peace efforts and assured its commitment to continue providing humanitarian assistance for affected civilian population.

Zelenskyy conveyed his best wishes for India’s presidency of G20. Modi explained the main priorities of India’s G20 Presidency, including giving a voice to the concerns of developing nations on issues like food and energy security.

The two leaders discussed opportunities for strengthening bilateral cooperation.

The Prime Minister requested Ukraine authorities to facilitate arrangements for the continued education of Indian students who had to return from Ukraine earlier this year.

The leaders also exchanged views about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Modi strongly reiterated his call for an immediate cessation of hostilities, and said that both sides should revert to dialogue and diplomacy to find a lasting solution to their differences, official sources said.

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