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Rajasthan Association of North America Celebrated RANA DIWALI Annual Gala Night on
Saturday 18th November 2023 at the PALACIO EVENT CENTRE At this event, RANA celebrated its
16th year anniversary, Diwali gala, this year Diwali gala theme was presenting vibrant & resilient
culture of Rajasthan, announced the prestigious RANA President AWARD 2023, presented a
cheque to William Osler Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.
Rajasthan the largest province of India, a home to the largest solar park in the world with a capacity of
2245 Megawatts and the largest producer of Millet. United Nations (UN) has recognized 2023 as
the year of Millet. This year, RANA presented the vibrant and resilient culture of Rajasthan.
The objective was to immerse attendees in the essence of Rajasthan through authentic Rajasthani
décor, cuisine, music, dance, and fashion. This event served as a splendid gathering for the
Rajasthani community to reconnect with their heritage and additionally, it offered fellow
individuals of Indian origin and Canadians an opportunity to experience the magnificence
associated with the culture of Rajasthan, also linked ideas the first is the prominent role that the
Indian diaspora from Rajasthani Origin in Canada is playing in fostering bilateral ties culturally,
heritage and economics and the second is the significant position that RANA occupies in channeling this
RANA Canada’s Annual Diwali Gala has historically attracted influential figures from the realms
of business, government, decision-makers, community leaders, academia, and social & cultural
groups The Diwali & Award Gala night drew an attendance of approximately 500. The Diwali
The annual Gala 2023 was described as memorable and beyond imagination by many attendees.
Rashi Bajaj welcomed guests to such a great evening, in her opening remarks she mentioned
that RANA Canada Since its inception in 2007, RANA has been promoting Rajasthan’s culture
and heritage in Canada. It serves as a platform for the Rajasthani community & community at
large in facilitating the exchange and appreciation of Rajasthani culture, literature, art, heritage,
and values. As RANA celebrated Diwali, she remembered the memorable journey RANA has
had. Last year’s Diwali event marked 15 years of greatness; a milestone achieved flawlessly by
the relentless effort of RANA Team.
She began by emphasizing a few significant achievements and milestones that have influenced the
progress over the past year and delightedly informed that at the recent Annual General Meeting, the Board
shared the audited financial statement, showcasing a strong commitment to transparency and

accountability. This serves as a testament to unwavering dedication in keeping all members well-
informed about the financial stability of our organization. In line with dedication to advancement,

RANA have recently launched new website and executed an extensive digitalization strategy. This
strategic initiative not only seeks to enhance day-to-day activities but also to reduce costs, enhance
member satisfaction, foster transparency, and streamline decision-making procedures. By embracing
the digital age, RANA is positioning themselves for a future marked by effectiveness and innovation.

Furthermore, organization has effectively acquired GST registration, allowing to collect GST on all
tickets and avail input tax credits for organizational expenses, thereby maximizing the advantages of
Recognizing the need for operational efficiency, RANA have implemented Standard Operating
Procedures (SOPs) to benefit both the Board and esteemed membership. These procedures aim to
streamline processes and further enhance the effectiveness of our organization. These SOPs have
been meticulously crafted to ensure standardized communication, uphold consistency, yield
dependable outcomes, and foster improved efficacy throughout the organization.
She also was pleased to announce that they have successfully filed tax returns for the past seven
years, demonstrating unwavering commitment to compliance with Ontario’s Not-for-Profit
Corporations Act (ONCA) regulations. This adherence to legal standards reflects responsible
governance and dedication to operating with the utmost integrity.
Looking forward, RANA is going to be embarking on another ambitious initiative – the establishment
of a Rajasthan Hostel in Waterloo. This endeavor is not only a testament to commitment to
community development but also a reflection of dedication to promoting education, investment,
tourism, and trade opportunities.
As per RANA’s commitment to keep on working on giving back to society, RANA in last two years
raised funds for William Osler Foundation, RANA’s name will proudly adorn the donor wall and
recognition plaque at all three Osler sites, symbolizing commitment to making a lasting impact, plus
RANA will the help of some members will take the long-term pledge to do more, more details will be
announced soon.
RANA collaborated with various organizations, such as Panorama India, Santan Mandir, City of
Markham, Arya Samaj, and Taste of Asia, highlights commitment to fostering partnerships for the
greater good. Together to contribute to the cultural richness of community while actively engaging
in philanthropic endeavors. Also, she mentioned that as we enjoy the festivities, let’s also remember
those who may be less fortunate. A small gesture of kindness can light up someone else’s Diwali, and
collectively can make a positive impact in the larger community. On same note RANA is going to be
working with Sai Dham food bank to do a food drive in coming holiday season, in past also RANA have
worked with Sai Dham on placing refrigeration unit for them, thanking some of the esteemed
She was also thrilled to share that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Honorable Deepak Anand
MPP, representing Mississauga-Malton, recognized and commended RANA’s dedication and
commitment in a speech delivered to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on May 30, 2023.
RANA’s additional objective is to boost trade and investment between Canada and India, focusing on
Rajasthan, also on promoting education, investment, tourism, and trade opportunities. RANA has
already made progress and will continue to do so in the future.
Education lies at the heart of RANA’s mission and take pride in supporting students in their academic
pursuits through settlement, mentorship, and employment opportunities and is excited to work on

projects in the coming months that will make a significant difference in education. Members support
and involvement are invaluable, and RANA is committed to changing students’ lives for the better.

It is with great honor that RANA present the President Award to Dr. Vivek Goel, President and Vice-
Chancellor of the University of Waterloo, for his outstanding leadership and commitment to

advancing education. Dr. Goel’s commitment to public health, evidence-based care, and research has
led to significant contributions in academia and administration, with notable achievements
throughout their career. RANA congratulates Dr Goel for his commendable achievements and wish
him all the success in his future endeavors.
The collaboration and tireless efforts of RANA’s members and leaders have been instrumental in
RANA’s success. She extended her heartfelt appreciation to each one of them for their exceptional
dedication and invaluable contributions. Special thanks to RANA’s directors for their selfless support.
She expressed her gratitude to the esteemed Patrons, Rakesh Goenka ji, Sampat Poddar ji, Alok Goel
ji, Rajendra Pahuja ji, for their invaluable support and guidance that has played a pivotal role in the
remarkable journey of RANA. On behalf of the entire membership and board, she extended her
heartfelt appreciation for their significant contributions and unwavering support.
She also took the opportunity to thank all the vendors who have tirelessly worked hard to deliver
magnificent event, entire team of Palacio lead by Devender ji, delicious food by Hukum JI ,splendid
décor by Piyush rawal from karma design, AV by presentation to go by Chris, entire conceptualization
and photography by Nisarg media, awards and trophies by range enterprise of Sanjay, DJ by Vishal
and Brijesh ji for covering events throughout the year,
She also thanked all the sponsors Presenting Sponsor Kothari group, Platinum Sponsor ICICI bank,
Gold Sponsor Byrex , Goenka Family, Silver sponsor Omtec Inc, and also all other sponsors.
Ms. Rashi Bajaj also said a big thank you to each one of the board members, participants and
volunteers who made the event possible.
The best part of the event was great cultural performances by RANA members and their kids, also
performance’s by Hemant Panwar & group, Live Violin performance by Caroline, Kalbeliya
performance by Topaz, Apsara group, Entire cultural committee lead by Ms. Savita Rathore, Vice
President and Secretary RANA ,worked tirelessly and presented some of the very best cultural
Entire RANA Board of Directors, Ramesh Agarwalla, Savita Rathore, Dilip Sharma, Pramod Mittal, Rita
Sachdeva, Ravi Haldania, Dipak Mantri, Anil Purohit, Rajesh Kejriwal, Riti Karwal, along with many
committee members and volunteers worked hard to make event successful.
RANA President Rashi Bajaj congratulated all the members for their commitment and dedication to
the society & applauded their contributions to the fabrication of the Canadian society, their
commitment to excellence and community involvement. She also emphasized that the outstanding
examples of the prominent role that the Indian diaspora from Rajasthani Origin are playing in Canada

RANA Magazine was also unveiled as part of the Diwali Annual Gala. This time, RANA Magazine
is more like a souvenir of Rajasthan, representing the heritage, culture and business
opportunities in Rajasthan.
RANA Canada was honoured by the esteemed presence of several prominent figures including Hon.
Stephen Lecce MPP & Minister of Education, Hon. Prabmeet Sarkaria MPP & Minister of
Transportation, Hon. Nina Tangri MPP & Minister for housing , Mayor of Brampton – Patrick Brown,
MPP Hardeep Garewal, MPP Amarjot Sandhu, MPP Sheref Sabaway, MPP Deepak Anand, Deputy
Mayor of Mississauga Dipika Damrela, Consul General of India in Toronto, His Excellency Sidharth
Nath, Ken Mayhew, President and CEO William Osler Foundation, former Senator Hon. Asha Seth.
All the dignitaries in their remarks mentioned about the great work RANA Canada is doing and
thanked Rajasthani community for their services to the Canadian society and congratulated the Rashi
Bajaj and her team for putting up such a spectacular evening.

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