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Robert Pattinson says he feels disconnected with his films after shoot wraps up

 Robert Pattinson doesn’t feel very connected with his films when they air on-screen, as the actor went on record to say that he simply disconnects from them after the shooting wraps up.

During a recent conversation with Wonderland magazine with his ‘The Batman’ co-star Barry Keoghan, who made an uncredited appearance as the Joker, Pattinson said: “I used to really struggle to watch myself.”

“Now, once it’s finished, I feel quite disconnected. I mean, not disconnected in a bad way, but it’s kind of like if…”

‘The Lighthouse’ star added that he just feels “drained”, after completing a project, and he is simply “done” once the entire shooting has wrapped up, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

“I almost get more nervous when I don’t feel nervous. That’s why whenever I start a new job… I mean it doesn’t really help that I’m hardly doing any jobs at the moment, because I wish I was doing more.”

He added: “I just feel like now I’m back to the start again. I know the next time I do something, I’ll be like, I can’t remember how to do any of this stuff.”

“It’s kind of nice to go into it as an amateur every time and be like, ‘This is a huge mountain to climb.’ It’s like being a total fake again.”

Keoghan chimed in and said:“I try to give what I gave on the first day, on the last day.”

“I always try to keep that in mind and that’s what, playing the lead for the first time, I was like I’m gonna give the exact same energy I gave on the first day for the last day.

“Just give it my all, because sometimes, you know the end is coming and you can kind of be half in, half out. But that scene may fall in the middle of the movie.”

‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ actor also nodded in agreement with Pattinson and said: “Being familiar with this stuff is dangerous because you kind of lose spontaneity.”

“The nice thing about the job as well, in general, is that if something worked in a previous movie and you’re like, ‘Oh everyone said that was good’ and instinctively you go, well, everyone liked that – I want to do that again.”

Pattinson had said in September that he has a fear of not being able to commit to his roles fully, even if it is something he has long wanted to do.

Adding to this, he said: “And then next time round, everyone just says it’s s*** and you’re like, what the f***? … You’re forced into reinvention.”

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