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Doja Cat’s new song ‘Demons’ is a horror-themed, unusual mix of many elements

Rapper Doja Cat has finally dropped her new ‘horror’-themed single ‘Demons’ with a music video showcasing her as a dark and shadowy presence. The song is a weird mix of gangsta rap, trip hop, electronic with some RandB elements.

Doja Cat (27) had announced a few days ago that ‘Demons’ will have a horror aesthetic. In the song, she is dressed up in the form of a black devil demon cat. A song about conquering demons, the rapper has joined forces with actress Christina Ricci for the video, and gives her a good scare.

The music production is huge with a lot of focus on the booming bass, however it is also a bit distracting as it tends to take from the groove. The sound design in general is great, however, and the vocals of Doja Cat are easily able to shine through.

The video however is something else, because not only is it incredibly well produced, but also the horror aesthetic is of something straight out of ‘The Exorcist’ or ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’.

‘Demons’ is part of the rapper’s upcoming album ‘Scarlet’, which will be out September 22, 2023. Alongside ‘Demons’, ‘Scarlet’ will also feature other original tracks such as ‘Paint The Town Red’ and ‘Attention’ along with 12 other tracks.

The rapper had earlier said that with ‘Scarlet’, she aims to expand her music horizons and explore other music forms, such as punk rap, R&B, freestyle and even old school 80’s rap.

Back on August 31, the ‘Kiss Me More’ hitmaker revealed the updated album cover for ‘Scarlet’. While the original cover art featured a fittingly scarlet-coloured spider.

She has since then updated the cover, and given new artwork after it was noticed that her cover resembled that German metalcore band ‘Chaver’, who had almost exactly the same cover on their upcoming album ‘Of Gloom’.

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