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PML-N proposes Pak Finance Minister as interim PM

The ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party has the proposed name of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar as the next caretaker Prime Minister with additional powers to the temporary setup during its tenure through the crucial transitional period.

According to PML-N sources, it has been proposed that Dar should be appointed at the interim premier after amendments in the electoral law.

The proposition by PML-N aims to grant more powers to the caretaker government, in view of taking major economic reforms decisions and to also ensure smooth process of management till the next government takes over after the general elections. 

In a recent interview, Dar had stated that the critical three-month period of the caretaker government, should not be handed over to a setup that deals with day-to-day affairs 

“It is important to not allow the nation’s three-month transition period to be spent solely on day-to-day affairs. Such an approach has led to past inefficiencies. 

“Significant decisions, especially concerning the country’s economy, needed to be made during the caretaker government’s term to ensure a smooth and productive transition,” he added. 

However, the decision to select an interim Prime Minister is not of the PML-N alone as it is a coalition government and needs nods from its political partners as well, especially from the Pakistan People Party (PPP), who does not seem to be impressed by the proposal. 

Sources in the PPP have denied any consultation with the party by PML-N on Dar’s name.

The PPP’s secretary information and SAPM (Special Assistant to the Prime Minister), Faisal Karim Kundi expressed concerns over the news, stating that a decision taken in this regard without consultation may lead to controversy. 

PPP’s concern on the matter is something that PML-N cannot ignore and will have to convince them if it intends to make electoral amendments and push Dar as the interim Prime Minister. 

PPP sources also stated that while there has been no consultation in this regard by PML-N yet, the party has also got a proposition and a name for the interim prime minister as well, which would be put forward when the consultation between coalition partners is initiated. 

The government had recently inked a staff level agreement with the IMF for the next ninemonths, injecting some stability to its crippling economic situation.

Experts say that the government would want to bring in IDar to handle the interim period of the government to ensure that its commitments with the IMF do not lag behind and also because it can manage the election process with the Election Commission of Pakistan for its political gains and re-election into power. 

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