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Staples Canada unveils the Future of Learning report in partnership with the Angus Reid Group

What does the future of learning look like in Canada? Remote learning from the pandemic and the acceleration of technology has undoubtedly changed where, when and how kids learn. Staples Canada has partnered with the Angus Reid Group, North America’s foremost name in research, on The Future of Learning, an insightful report on key trends impacting education today.

“Understanding how we can support the needs of Canada’s students, parents and teachers has always been our priority,” said Rachel Huckle, President and Chief Operating Officer, Staples Canada. “This survey tells us that kids need more attention and involvement in their education due to a variety of factors. To help foster a love for learning outside of the classroom, we introduced Staples Kids Learn + Play, a curated selection of toys and tools devoted to enhancing kids’ development through play-based learning.”

Key findings from The Future of Learning include:

  • Kids need more support: Two-thirds of teachers (66%) and nearly half of parents (45%) say more involvement is needed in kids’ education and development than in the past.
  • Discovering skills outside the classroom is more important than ever: To bolster learning and development, the majority of parents (65%) and teachers (55%) want their kids to be discovering skills unique to them outside of the classroom.
  • Bridging the gap with hobbies: 72% of teachers say their students are behind due to remote learning from the pandemic. To bridge the gap, they say discovering skills and hobbies unique to youngsters has never been more important.
  • Parents are lacking resources and solutions: Six-in-ten parents (59%) would like to do more to help with their kids’ education but don’t have enough time or resources.
  • Skills in trades are on the rise: More than half of teachers (54%) say learning a trade is becoming increasingly important, along with entrepreneurial skills and finding an ability outside of the classroom where a student excels.
  • Focus and attention is the core challenge for kids today: Half of parents (48%) say their kids’ struggle with focus and attention, while three quarters of teachers (75%) rank it among the top three challenges for students.
  • Students are relying on ChatGPT, resulting in a need to identify strategies on how to use the technology in ways to support learning: According to middle and high school teachers, students are increasingly using ChatGPT for homework or assignments and most (79%) of this usage is helping them cut corners rather than enhance learning.

“In terms of keeping kids engaged, it’s clear their needs have changed. Technology has played a huge role in this, and we know parents and teachers are looking for ways to balance screen time with other activities that encourage discovery and exploration,” said Cori Stern, Learning Ambassador, Staples Canada. “What’s important now is fostering a love of learning that extends beyond the classroom. That’s going to involve activities that help kids develop their own unique skills, hobbies and interests.”

To read The Future of Learning: Key Trends Impacting Education Today in full, visit:

More About Staples Kids Learn + Play

Staples recently introduced Kids Learn + Play, a curated collection of tools and toys that support play-based learning and fuel a love of learning, inside and outside of the classroom. Learn + Play tools and toys are all centred around play-based learning, which is the process of learning by doing. When kids participate in an activity hands-on, they are actively participating in the learning process and develop key skills, including cognitive, fine motor, sensory, discover and exploration. Play-based learning fosters growth, development and helps inspire a love of learning.

About the Study

In partnership with Staples Canada, the Angus Reid Group conducted an online survey among a representative sample of 1,020 parents (with kids 6 – 17 years old) and 419 teachers (elementary through high school) across Canada. Throughout the report, the results are broken out by parents and teachers, and age cohorts of children (younger vs. older, elementary vs. high school). Respondents are members of Angus Reid Forum. The survey was conducted in English and French. For comparison purposes only, a probability sample of this size would carry a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points for parents and +/- 4.8 percentage points for teachers, 19 times out of 20. More information on The Future of Learning report can be accessed on Angus Reid Group’s Intelligence page.

About Staples Canada 

Staples Canada is The Working and Learning Company. The privately-owned company is committed to being a dynamic, inspiring partner to customers who visit its 300+ locations and The company has two brands which support business customers: Staples Preferred for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and Staples Professional for medium to large-sized enterprises, as well as seven Staples Studio co-working facilities across Canada. Through Solutionshop, Canadians can access a variety of pack and ship options, as well as a broad suite of business services. Staples is a proud partner of MAP through its Even the Odds campaign, which aims to tackle inequities in communities across Canada and helps make a future that’s fair for everyone. Visit for more information or engage with us at @StaplesCanada on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInTikTok or Pinterest.

About Angus Reid Group

Angus Reid is Canada’s most well-known and respected name in opinion and market research data. Offering a variety of research solutions to businesses, brands, governments, not-for-profit organizations and more, the Angus Reid team connects technologies and people to derive powerful insights that inform your decisions. Data is collected through a suite of tools utilizing the latest technologies. Prime among that is the Angus Reid Forum, an opinion community consisting of engaged residents across the country who answer surveys on topical issues that matter to all Canadians.

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