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‘The rot starts at the top:’ Opposition Leader Stiles demands accountability on Greenbelt corruption scandal

Leader of the Official Opposition NDP Marit Stiles says the resignation of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s Chief of Staff is not nearly enough in the wake of one of the most serious breaches of public trust in Ontario’s history.

“The Auditor General’s report left no room for doubt – there is no way this single staff member acted alone to rig the system,” Stiles said. “Ford and Clark’s assertions are completely and utterly implausible. The rot starts at the top. The Minister must do the right thing and step down.”

Stiles is calling on the Conservative government to recall the Legislature so the Official Opposition NDP can table legislation to restore the lands in question to the Greenbelt. Stiles is also calling on the Conservatives to fully comply with any and all investigations, including a possible one by the RCMP.

“We’re fighting for vital environmental land that needs to be protected for the benefit of the people of Ontario,” said Stiles. “Doug Ford doesn’t get to wash his hands of this – Ontarians want more answers. Now it’s time for Steve Clark to do the right thing and step down, and for Doug Ford to recall the Legislature and restore the Greenbelt.”

The Auditor General’s damning report on the Ford Conservatives’ total mishandling of protected Greenbelt land revealed a series of private backroom dealings that favoured a select few wealthy developers with ties to the Conservative Party over the interests of Ontarians, at the expense of essential agricultural lands and ecosystems.

“We will not let Doug Ford take Ontarians for a ride and take us for fools,” said Stiles. “The people of this province are seeing how the Conservatives lie through their teeth, and we won’t stop till transparency, accountability and integrity are restored.”

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