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Bus Driver at Fault in Deadly Manitoba Crash, No Criminal Charges Filed: RCMP

June 26 : Authorities have concluded that the bus driver involved in a fatal collision with a semi-trailer in western Manitoba last year was at fault, but will not face charges. The tragic incident, which resulted in the deaths of 17 people, was investigated thoroughly over the past year.

“This was a very tragic collision, and it happened because of a choice made by the bus driver. However, we cannot prove that that choice that day was the result of anything criminal,” said RCMP Superintendent Rob Lasson during a press briefing on Wednesday.

The investigation, conducted by RCMP officers and a Crown attorney, focused on the circumstances surrounding the crash on a section of the Trans-Canada Highway near Carberry, approximately 160 kilometers west of Winnipeg.

The incident occurred on June 15, 2023, when a minibus carrying 24 seniors from Dauphin to a casino was traveling south on Highway 5. As it approached an intersection with the Trans-Canada Highway, it stopped at a stop sign, proceeded to a median with a yield sign, and then continued despite an approaching semi-truck that had the right of way. The weather conditions were clear at the time.

Crown attorney Chris Vanderhooft explained that traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway flows freely, while vehicles on Highway 5 must stop and yield before proceeding. He noted that the bus driver did not appear to see the oncoming semi-truck.

“The bus driver did not appear to see the semi-truck coming,” Vanderhooft stated.

Despite the tragic outcome and the clear fault of the bus driver, authorities concluded that there was no evidence of criminal intent or negligence that would warrant charges. The decision marks the end of the official investigation into the crash.

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