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India to Host 71st Miss World 2023

The much awaited 71st Miss World contest will be held in India in 2023. The choice to bestow this coveted competition on India honours the country’s rich cultural legacy, dedication to advancing diversity, and passion for women’s emancipation.

India’s vibrant traditions, culture, and history make it a global beauty and fashion powerhouse, with captivating landscapes, iconic landmarks, and warm hospitality. 71st Miss World 2023 in India will promote charitable causes through philanthropic activities, inspiring contestants to make a positive impact in their communities and contribute to society. Renowned Bollywood names from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Priyanka Chopra to Yukta Mukhey, India has many talented women who have won world-level pageants.

On the occasion, Chairperson and CEO, Miss World Organisation, Julia Morley expressed, “I am delighted to announce India as the new home of the 71st Miss World Final! I have had a great affection for India from the first moment I visited this incredible country more than 30 years ago! We cannot wait to share your unique and diverse culture, world class attractions and breathtaking locations with the rest of the world. Miss World Limited and PME Entertainment are joining forces – to produce an extraordinary Miss World Festival. 71st Miss World 2023 will showcase the Achievements of 130 National champions in their one-month journey across “Incredible India” as we present the 71st and most spectacular Miss World final ever. I’d also like to thank Dr Syed Zafar Islam for his support in making this possible.”

The 71st Miss World 2023 pageant promises to be a remarkable platform that honours the very best in diversity, feminism, and beauty. Participants from more than 130 nations will congregate in India to display their special skills, wisdom, and compassion. They will take part in a number of demanding competitions, such as talent shows, sporting events, and philanthropic endeavours, all of which are intended to emphasise the traits that make them outstanding ambassadors of change. Before the big finale, which is expected for November or December 2023, there will be many rounds to shortlist participants over the course of one month.

Jamil Saidi, Chairman, PME said, “The 71st Miss World Festival is in the most deserving country, to showcase this magnificent event. It enables representatives of 140 countries to come and experience Incredible India!”

Salman Ahmed, Founder and CEO, PME, further endorsed, “We’re delighted to partner with the Miss World Organization to host the 71st Miss World in India, an incredible country, full of vibrancy, colours, and life – the elements that represent beauty in its purest form.

“India prepares to welcome the world with open arms with the 71st Miss World 2023 and showcase the country’s grace, beauty, and progressive spirit. Join us in celebrating the power of women to make a difference, as we embark on this extraordinary journey together,” Miss World 2022, Karolina Bielawska said.

The Miss World pageant holds a long-standing reputation for celebrating the beauty and intellect of women, going beyond physical appearances. It is a platform that empowers women to raise their voices, advocate for causes close to their hearts, and foster positive change on a global scale. By hosting 71st Miss World 2023, India aims to amplify these values and serve as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and actions.

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