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Meet Hamilton’s new downtown landmark, The Design District

Fusing the city’s vintage charm with sleek and modern touches, this new development is the perfect place to call home.

The city of Hamilton has been undergoing a multi-year and dramatic transformation from an industrial powerhouse to a vibrant, creative destination that feels special over the last few years. The downtown core has energy, with flourishing retail, events, live music venues, and culinary experiences. Hamilton has an incredible and robust sense of community and is renowned for its diverse economic base, innovative institutions, vibrant downtown, attractive waterfront, and thriving arts scene. And if one thing is for sure, interest in Hamilton’s bustling real-estate scene is on the rise.

A magnet for investment, Hamilton, and especially its downtown sector, is getting a $500 million investment into a new entertainment hub and the revitalization of existing venues: the FirstOntario Concert Hall, the FirstOntario Centre, the Hamilton Convention Centre and the Art Gallery of Hamilton. A Bell investment of $400 million will also be the most significant digital infrastructure investment in the city’s history. A $140 million redevelopment project on the waterfront will transform the harbour into a beautiful, pedestrian-friendly community with a commercial village and a public plaza. The combined investment exceeding $1 billion is unprecedented in a community the size of Hamilton and lends itself as a major catalyst for growth. The cherry on top? An additional $3.4 billion is being invested in an upcoming 14 km light rail transit line with 17 stops to accommodate Hamilton’s new and growing workforce.

EMBLEM Developments—one of the fastest-growing real estate development companies in the GTA, focusing on developing high-rise residential buildings—has been a prominent advocate of its belief in the future of Hamilton. This multi-award-winning firm’s current development portfolio consists of over 4,300 residences representing over $3.3 billion development value in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, and Ottawa. And their latest offering, The Design District, is the new landmark at 41 Wilson Street in the middle of the downtown core.

This master-planned condominium community from EMBLEM and master architects IBI Group features three soaring, 31-storey, connected towers that will provide a grand scale modern luxury that remains charming, balanced and intimate. The Design District promises to change the face of the city, forever encapsulating its heart and soul as an ode to art and design. Epitomizing its tagline of “A forever moment,” this spectacular new residence is a timeless monument inspired by landmark locations found in New York, Miami and London as the most desired location to live, shop, eat, socialize and be inspired.

The Design District is the first opportunity to be part of this master-planned community. Offering 931 suites above a retail podium, it boasts an outdoor swimming pool and terrace lounge reminiscent of a luxury hotel, a gym, yoga studio, coworking space and party room; all finished at very high specifications. The lobby lounge is impressive and will wow visitors and residents alike. An expression of modern luxury, The Design District is meant to give residents a strong sense of place. And that place is within the historic city of Hamilton, treasured for its preserved vintage buildings.

The new condominium structures conceived by master architects IBI Group pay tribute to the 1868 Gothic Revival-style church at the corner by allowing it to stand out with its red brick against the clean lines and black and white tones of the new buildings. To provide continuity and integration into the area, IBI has strategically placed the towers to form a backdrop that showcases the church and its historical importance. Combining the modern luxury with the charm of a preserved and vintage building has resulted in something extraordinary.

The Design District’s three buildings stand strong and confident amid the dynamic downtown Hamilton. That confidence has carried through in the interiors designed by Burdifilek, well known for designing boutiques for global luxury fashion brands and “aww spaces” such as W Hotels. Much thought and detail have gone into creating The Design District’s elegant modern spaces. EMBLEM has been clear about its mission to create something that has never been done before in Hamilton.

With The Design District, EMBLEM is making a bold statement about its love of art and design and believing that Hamilton is one of the best markets to invest in. To become part of this new landmark in Hamilton, please register emblemdevcorp.

Fusing the city’s vintage charm with sleek and modern touches, this new Hamilton development is the perfect new place to call home.

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