Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Russia Ukraine War LIVE Updates: Next few days of war crucial, says Zelenskyy

With the Russian military in retreat from around Kyiv and facing condemnation for brutal tactics, harsh political repression at home and the economy buffeted by Western sanctions, adversaries and allies alike are raising the same question about President Vladimir Putin: Can he hold onto power? The answer: For now, but maybe not forever. Tens of thousands of affluent citizens, intellectuals and political critics have abandoned Russia rather than remain under the tight controls Putin has imposed, finding escape in Istanbul, Tbilisi or cities in the West. This brain drain no doubt will hurt Russia in the future. But at the moment, their departure removes a possible nexus of opposition from the society. Meanwhile, the mayor of Kyiv and his brother said the visit of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to their capital shows who Ukraine’s real friends are at this critical time. But they understand if security concerns keep U.S. President Joe Biden from visiting for now.

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