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Xi says int’l rules can’t be dictated by ‘those with strongest muscles’

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday said that international rules should not be dictated by “those with strongest muscles or the loudest of voice”, indirectly hinting at the US while adding that BRICS countries should practice true multilateralism.

“International rules must be written and upheld jointly by all countries based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter rather than dictated by those with strongest muscles or the loudest of voice. BRICS countries should practice true multilateralism, stick to solidarity and oppose division,” he said while addressing the plenary session of the BRICS summit. 

“Human history will not end with a particular civilisation or system. BRICS countries need to champion the spirit of inclusiveness and advocate peaceful coexistence and harmony between civilisations. We should respect all modernisation paths that each country chooses on its own and oppose ideological rivalry, systemic confrontation and clash of civilisations,” the Chinese President noted. 

Xi went on to say: “We should expand political and security cooperation to uphold peace and tranquility. The Cold War mentality is still haunting our world and the geo-political situation is getting tense. BRICS countries should keep to the direction of peaceful development and consolidate the BRICS strategic partnership. 

“We need to make good use of the BRICS Foreign Ministers’ meeting, a meeting of high representatives on national security and other mechanism, support each other on our core interests and enhance coordination on major international and regional issues. We need to tender good offices on hotspot issues pushing for political settlement and lowering the temperature,” he added.
South African president Cyril Ramaphosa, while addressing the plenary session, said “BRICS countries will continue to be supportive of bringing this conflict to an end through dialogue, mediation and negotiation”.

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