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Canadians donate over $8 million to the Conservative Party in Quarter 1 of 2023

Pierre Poilievre’s first Q1 as Leader of the Conservative Party brought in $8,306,535 from 45,659 contributors.

The $8,306,535 raised in Q1 speaks to the growing movement of Canadians who are putting their hard-earned dollars behind a Leader who is listening to them and speaking to their concerns.

“Everywhere you look, Canadians are fighting just to live a decent life. We had a deal in this country, if you followed the rules, went to school, got a job, and worked hard, you could by a home, afford to go on a vacation, and have enough left over to put money away for a rainy day. That deal is broken. Justin Trudeau’s inflationary spending and reckless tax and spend policies have broken this country and have made Canadians broke,” said Conservative Party Leader, Pierre Poilievre.

“A Poilievre government will remove the gatekeepers, axe the costly carbon tax, cut wasteful spending, restore powerful paycheques, and put Canadians back in control of their lives.”

“Our team will continue to honour and respect Canadians by fighting to put them back in charge of their lives and making this nation the freest on earth. We are going to turn the hurt Justin Trudeau has caused into hope for a people and a country so full of potential,” said Poilievre.

The full fundraising report can be found online at

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