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Embrace Equity with the City of Brampton this International Women’s Day

Spend International Women’s Day learning about and celebrating women leaders, entrepreneurs and artists at Brampton City Hall.

The City of Brampton will honour the many achievements and contributions of women and individuals who identify as women Bramptonians who, throughout history, have done so much to make Brampton the liveable, compassionate, and prosperous city that it is today.

On International Women’s Day, March 8, Brampton City Hall will host a series of events as the City focuses on embracing equity and working toward creating an inclusive world.

Participants will have the chance to shop a retail market, featuring all local women-driven small businessowners, partake in fireside chats with local leaders and enjoy musical and dance performances with women artists and creators, while taking concrete actions to educate ourselves and others on the impact of systemic inequalities and our collective responsibility to address them.

Hosted by Brampton writer Jael Richardson, the fireside chats will feature women leading Brampton, as they share their experiences of embracing equity. Speakers include:

Rowena Santos, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 and 5
Navjit Kaur Bar, Regional Councillor, Wards 2 and 6
Sonia Sidhu, Member of Parliament, Brampton South
Kathy McDonald, Peel Region School Board Trustee, Wards 3 and 4
Clare Barnett, Director, Economic Development
At the December 14, 2022 City Council meeting, Councillors Santos and Brar moved a motion that was passed by Council to establish an employee resource group for empowering women in leadership, identify career developmental and mentorship opportunities available to all individuals who identify as women in the City, and provide a safe space for authentic conversations.

Since 2019, the City has a policy on Gender Identity and Expression Protocol, and is committed to go beyond commemoration of these days of significance and be intentional in its efforts to provide support and empowerment opportunities for women.

Save the date

The Market | 2 – 9 pm

March 8, 2023

Featuring local women-owned businesses

Fireside Chat and Performances | 6 – 9 pm

March 8, 2023

Take part in the conversation with women leaders in Brampton, along with musical and dance performances by local female artists and creators

Together, people of all genders can be an ally and play an active role in supporting women, celebrating successes and breaking down barriers.

For more information, visit

This event is generously sponsored by Coke Canada Bottling and Toronto Pearson.


“At the City of Brampton we know that allyship and authentic conversations are important tools in building an equitable workplace and community. Thank you to Councillors Santos and Brar for continuing to champion this work both inside City Hall and on a broader level in our community.”

 - Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton

“These events are about breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for female leaders to succeed, whatever their chosen path may be. We need to acknowledge the systemic challenges stacked against women and work collectively to break that glass ceiling so all can succeed.”

 - Rowena Santos, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5, City of Brampton

“Honouring International Women’s Day is about more than celebrating females in your life. It’s building spaces and foundations for success, ensuring we are embracing equity every step of the way. Thank you to all the strong female leaders who have come forward to share their stories as we gather to learn and take meaningful action.”

 - Navjit Kaur Brar, Regional Councillor, Wards 2 & 6, City of Brampton

“At the City of Brampton, people are at the heart of everything we do. We celebrate the contributions of female leaders in our community who have made it the incredible place it is today while working towards a better tomorrow. We will continue this work through the Gender Identity and Expression Protocol policy, and keep providing support and empowerment opportunities for women across the city.”

 - Marlon Kallideen, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Brampton
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