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Ontario Liberals Pick Former Cabinet Minister Kathryn McGarry As New President

Ontario Liberals concluded their largest Annual Meeting in over 20 years, electing a new Executive Council and adopting constitutional amendments that will chart the course for renewal. The following candidates will assume new roles on the party’s Executive Council, effective immediately.

  • Kathryn McGarry, President
  • Damien O’Brien, Executive Vice-President
  • Pankaj Sandhu, Secretary
  • Tim Shorthill, Treasurer
  • Fahim Khan, Vice-President (Policy)
  • David Farrow, Vice-President (Organization)
  • Emily Kirk, Vice-President (Communications)
  • Li Koo, Vice-President (Engagement)
  • Adam Reinhardt, Regional Vice-President (Central East)
  • Jesse Plaschka, Regional Vice-President  (Central North)
  • Karen Dadwan, Regional Vice-President (Central West)
  • Lorna Jean Edmonds, Regional Vice-President (East)
  • Kristen Oliver, Regional Vice-President (North)
  • Doug Varley, Regional Vice-President (South Central)
  • Bob Wright, Regional Vice-President (Southwest)
  • David Morris, Regional Vice-President (Toronto Etobicoke / Downtown / East York)
  • Lawrence Dawkins, Regional Vice-President (Toronto York / North York / Scarborough)

The Executive Council will turn its attention to overseeing the party’s first-ever leadership race run under a direct-vote system, with a goal of engaging Ontarians in every region and positioning the party to form government in 2026. They will also determine the timeline and additional requirements of the leadership election process. 

“I want to thank every delegate, every member and everyone who put their name forward for Executive Council,” said McGarry. “Looking at the competitive races throughout the weekend and the clear enthusiasm among several qualified, capable candidates who have expressed interest in leadership, it’s clear that our party is resurgent.”

“Each and every one of the more than 1,500 Ontario Liberals who attended this Annual Meeting have a role to play as we work to beat the Conservative government and fight for better schools, better hospitals and an economy that works for everyone,” added McGarry.

Kathryn McGarry, the Party’s newly elected President, is a former Ontario Cabinet Minister, Mayor and Executive Council Regional Vice-President. Addressing delegates in a victory speech, she called on the entire party to work together in every corner of the province. 

At the Annual Meeting, party members also adopted other constitutional changes, including measures to reduce event fees for low-income members and the creation of the Ontario Liberal Rural and Northern Commission.

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