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Pakistani actress Mahnoor Baloch gets trolled after saying SRK can’t act

Pakistani actress Mahnoor Baloch is currently facing criticism after commenting on Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s acting skills and saying that he is not handsome. 

Mahnoor was on a Pakistani chat show titled ‘Had Kardi’, was talking about beauty standards and then said: “Shahrukh Khan has a very good personality, but if you see him according to the beauty parameters and what is considered handsome, he doesn’t come under that.”

The chat show host also spoke about how Mahnoor feels SRK does not know how to act. 

“It is my opinion about Shah Rukh Khan that he doesn’t know how to act. I think he is a great businessman. He knows how to market himself. This is my opinion.”

Soon after the videos of the interview started doing the rounds, which did not go down well by Shah Rukh’s fans.

One wrote: “Yes, Shaharukh has marketed himself well in your country too, to make your girls beeline for just his glimpses; ask the ladies in your house, they can reply you better.”

A fan called her “plastic”. 

“Plastic ka dabba Mahnoor SRK pe comment Karegi lol.”

“Entire world knows SRK. I am sorry but Who are you?” read a comment by the fan. 

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