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Rick Ross Attacked After Vancouver Concert Amid Drake and Kendrick Lamar Feud

July 2: A conflict between Canadian rapper Drake and L.A.-based rapper Kendrick Lamar, which has included other artists, erupted into violence in Vancouver on Sunday night following a concert by rapper Rick Ross at the Ignite Music Festival.

Ross had finished his performance and exited the Plaza of Nations stage with his team around 10:30 p.m., while Lamar’s anti-Drake track “Not Like Us” played in the background.

Several videos captured at the scene show a group of men obstructing Ross and his entourage’s path. Following a minute of heated verbal exchanges, a white man is seen punching Ross in the face. This leads to one of Ross’s entourage members grabbing another man, sparking a chaotic brawl that included several racist remarks.

During the scuffle, a member of Ross’s entourage is knocked to the ground, repeatedly punched and kicked in the head while on his knees, before standing up and walking away disoriented. Another fight ensues, leaving one man unconscious.

Despite the altercation, Ross posted on social media on Monday morning, expressing his fondness for Vancouver, stating, “Vancouver is a beautiful city.” He also told that no one from his crew was injured in the brawl.

Drake and Lamar have been in the news recently due to their ongoing public feud. In May, Drake’s Toronto mansion became the site of a police investigation after a security guard was shot and hospitalized in serious condition.

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